Wild Camping

Wild camping on your campervan road trip. Everything you need to know!

What is wild camping?

Wild camping is camping in the wilderness outside of a campsite, usually somewhere off the beaten path, whether it be in a national park or a nature reserve. Wild camping is usually only an overnight stay. It is the dream of the adventure lover.

Wild camping is the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It allows you the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a sense of peace and serenity as you settle down in your private spot for the night.

It can be safe if done correctly but it is not always legal, so it is important to check the guidelines before you set off on your trip. Always let someone know where you are and for how long in case of emergencies!

Preparation is essential

Before setting off on your campervan road trip, it is important to think about which destination you are planning to go to and check whether it is legal to wild camp there. Always ask the landowners permission! Make sure you have a backup plan by checking the list of campsites nearby just in case.

If you are well prepared and have the right gear, then there should not be anything getting in your way of enjoying a hidden gem!

Wild camping:
England & Wales

Wild camping is generally illegal in England and Wales, but you can get permission from the landowner. According to the Countryside Rights of the Way Act (2000) section 2 (1) states that ‘a person is not entitled to be on any land, if he or she engages in acts of camping, paragliding or organised games’ which makes wild camping a criminal offence if you are camping without the landowner’s permission as this is ‘civil trespass’.

Across the UK, it is better to use designated campsites that are suitable for campervans before considering wild camping. These have all the facilities you would need to make your road trip comfortable without getting into trouble with the law.

However, if you really want to try wild camping, many parts of the UK will allow you to do so, providing you have common sense, stick to somewhere remote, and if you are not causing an obstruction.

To avoid getting charged with civil trespass, there are apps you can use to find the best locations for wild camping in your campervan. Park4Night provides a list of the places to park for the night where wild camping is permitted. Britstops has a list of pubs which allow campervans to park on their carpark for the night. Why not take advantage and grab yourself a meal and a pint?

Wild camping in Scotland

Scotland has previously been voted as the ‘most beautiful country in the world’ as it is known for its majestic coastline and stunning highlands, making it the perfect place to go on a wild campervanning road trip.

Although, it is important to check where the best places are for wild camping in a campervan. The Land Reform Act Scotland (2003) states that ‘wild camping is permitted on most enclosed land as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code’ but this does not include motorhomes and campervans.

There are some places in Scotland though where wild camping in campervans is allowed. The Island of Tiree have established their own guidelines in terms of overnight parking of campervans. For example, they have set up unique pitches and croft sights especially for campervanners. There are some areas of Tiree and the Outer Hebrides which should be avoided due to beach lined areas of wildflowers.

If you respect the guidelines of places which allow wild camping in campervans, there is no reason why you cannot start planning your road trip around this beautiful country and enjoy what Scotland has to offer!

General guidelines for wild camping in a campervan

  • Only stay for a night or two if it is permitted
  • Only park your campervan in places where wild camping is permitted
  • Take all your rubbish with you when leaving
  • Always be friendly and polite, move on if you are asked to
  • Always have a back-up plan
  • Park up late and leave early
  • Do not drink alcohol in case you are asked to leave
  • Try to camp away from houses, wildlife and farms
  • Do not light any fires
  • Do not forget to think about the security of your vehicle. If you leave your vehicle at any period, will your campervan be safe from any undesireables?
  • Always ask the landowners permission

The general guidelines have been applied to this list to help you decide where to travel whilst on your campervan road trip. If you have any questions in regards to wild camping, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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