Glastonbury Campervan Hire


What is Glastonbury?

Glastonbury is the number one annual music festival, which goes on for five days in the beautiful countryside of Pilton, Somerset. It offers music for all tastes including contemporary, pop, rock, dance, theatre, circus, and cabaret. It is an immensely popular festival with fierce competition, so if you are lucky enough to grab yourself a ticket, you will need a comfortable place to sleep! So why not hire a campervan?

Glastonbury dates

This popular music festival usually takes place between 25th June – 29th June every year.

Why choose a campervan for this event?

Hotels around Glastonbury can be expensive during the festival period as many put their prices up for this type of event. You are also missing out on being in the centre of all the action by choosing to be located offsite! And a tent? How many pictures have you seen where a festivalgoer’s tent has collapsed, and they are fully exposed to all the elements? We have therefore listed below the many valid reasons why you should instead choose to hire a campervan for Glastonbury.

Staying warm and dry

Hiring a campervan for Glastonbury allows you to stay warm and dry. In this country, good weather is never guaranteed – even in summer. It could be sunny one day, strong winds the day after and then torrential rain the day after that. You could even get all three in one day! It can sometimes also get chilly at night even in the middle of June. Therefore, by having shelter inside a heated campervan, you can guarantee that you will have a good night sleep, ready for another fun packed day at the festival.

Your own toilet

Having to rely on nasty public toilets with long queues can feel quite grim. They are often dirty and disgusting. Toilet rolls and soaps run out very quickly, which in unhygienic to say the least. By hiring a campervan for Glastonbury, you will no longer have to worry about this as we can provide you with your own clean and private Porta-Potti toilet, which will feel like 5-star luxury in comparison!

Keep your drinks cold

No one wants a warm can of beer on a hot summer’s day. By hiring a campervan, you have your own fridge to ensure there is a constant supply of nice cold beers throughout your stay!

Access to cooking facilities

Let us face it, festival food is not always the best and it can be quite expensive. Who wants to pay £8.50 for a greasy burger? Hiring a campervan gives you access to kitchen facilities, allowing you to cook your own tasty meals and even enjoy a nice hot cup of tea or coffee with your breakfast in the morning.

Safety and security

There is nothing worse than a drunken person walking into your tent and mistaking it for their own. By hiring a campervan however, your valuables can be securely stored away allowing you to head out and enjoy yourself at the festival!

Local campsites for Glastonbury

Dragon Willows touring caravan and campsite is right in the heart of Glastonbury with views of the Glastonbury Tor. They have campervan pitches available from £18 per night, but prices may vary during the festival week.

Glastonbury cottages and caravanning provides hard standing campervan pitches that include water and an electrical hook up. There is also free Wi-Fi and hairdryers available so you can catch up with the internet in between enjoying yourself at the festival.

Orchard farm campsite provides both grass and hardstanding pitches, which are hidden away behind a row of hedges in a stunning Somerset cider orchard. If the weather allows, you could sit outside and enjoy a relaxing breakfast before heading off to the festival!

We think that hiring a campervan for Glastonbury, will make your trip more enjoyable. You will be able to have a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each day. So, what are you waiting for? Book your campervan hire, organise your Glastonbury tickets and go and enjoy yourself at the festival!

What are you waiting for?


What are you waiting for?