Dog Friendly Campervan Hire


Practical Tips and Pet Friendly Campsites To Prepare You For Your Road Trip

One of the best aspects of campervan travelling is the freedom to choose a destination and hit the open road. However, nothing quite beats road tripping with man’s best friend by your side. Therefore, here at Samco Campervans, our Dog Friendly Campervan Hire allows you to bring your furry friend along for the ride!

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the legal requirements you need to be aware of, together with a few handy tips on how to make your campervan hire journey more comfortable for you and your pet! We also list some of our favourite Dog Friendly Campervan Hire sites across the UK too.

Pet Adventure Pack

Pet Adventure Pack

All our VW Californias offer Pet Friendly Campervan Hire. One of our hireable extras is the ever-popular pet adventure pack. This includes the necessities that your pooch may need! For only £10 per hire, we provide a dog bowl, poop bags, ground stake and a tie out cable. Just remember to include anything else your pet may need when packing for your trip. This may include leads, dog beds, towels, and food! Click here to see our Packing Tips and Advice guide.

Think Weather!

It may sound obvious that in the summer months, the back of a hot campervan is no place for your pooch. We want to make sure your pets have an enjoyable time too, so please always avoid leaving your dog alone in our Pet Friendly Campervan Hire. Whilst travelling on the road however, all our VW Californias are equipped with air conditioning, so you can be sure that both you and your furry companion will be kept nice and cool during those hot summer days.

In colder weather, a doggy jacket may just help to keep those chills away. If you are expecting snow however, some paw boots not only make your pet look adorable, but also have the added benefit of keeping their paws warm too! In addition to this, all our VW California Dog Friendly Campervan hire vehicles come fitted with diesel heaters for those chilly winter night stays. 

Keeping A Similar Routine

Your Pet Friendly Campervan Hire is a new space for your dog, and the odds are they will settle in quicker than you think. However, to help your pooch get comfortable, we recommend trying to keep their feeding and walking routines similar to that of what they are used to at home.

Keeping Your Campervan Clean

When road tripping in one of our Dog Friendly Campervan Hire VW Californias, it is important to regularly clean and tidy your camper. Make sure to sweep and brush the inside regularly, wiping down your pup’s muddy paws before they enter the campervan. Just remember that we do not allow any pets to be on any of the soft furnishings inside the vehicle!

Our VW California Oceans are all equipped with outdoor showers, which can be handy for washing down your pet after a countryside walk. Most Dog Friendly Campervan Hire sites also have hose pipes available for you to keep your pooch clean too.


The Legalities…

The highway code states that any pet inside of a vehicle must be suitably restrained so they cannot distract you whilst driving. This also ensures that they cannot injure you or themselves in the event of an emergency stop.

The best way to secure your dog is by having a pet harness. This way you you can ensure your pooch is safe from any sudden stops inside one of our Dog Friendly Campervan Hire vehicles. Check out our hireable Pet Adventure Pack here. Just remember that we do not allow any dog / pet cages inside our campervans as they are prone to damaging the furniture, which can be costly to repair.

If traveling abroad it is also important to make sure your pet passport and vaccination card is all up to date!

For full terms and conditions on bringing your pet, please click here.

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire Campsites

Looking for some travel inspiration? Here is our quick guide to some of our favourite Dog Friendly Campervan Hire sites.

Slapton Sands Club Site, Devon

  • Located near Plymouth, this site has great access to sandy beaches which are perfect for long walks with your four-legged friend.
  • There are also two dog friendly pubs within walking distance if you fancy a drink or a meal. Make sure to stop by the Queens Arm or the Tower Inn as both have quite the charm.
  • There is a great variety of facilities with washing areas, showers, and a designated dog walking zone.

Scarborough Club Site, North Yorkshire

  • Another stunning coastal location to visit whilst on your Dog Friendly Campervan Hire Trip
  • Offers a number of walking trails that offer cliff-top views.
  • Also has an exercise field for daily walkies!
  • There is also a huge variety of nearby dog friendly attractions such as Scarborough Castle or Whitby Abbey

Kendal Camping and Caravanning Club, Lake District

  • A secluded hillside campsite at the gateway to the southern Lake District
  • Only a 30-minute drive from the Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • Popular Dog Friendly Campervan Hire Site with access to scenic walking paths and trails.
  • Only a short drive to the town of Kendal, which has a large selection of shops and pubs, as well as two stunning castles.
  • A variety of facilities such as washrooms, toilets, and on-site shop.

Lynton Club Site, Devonshire

  • Dog Friendly Campervan Hire site seated above the stunning Exmoor coast. A secluded campsite with beautiful views extending over the surrounding countryside.
  • This campsite is a pet walkers paradise, with a dozen trails to help you and your pooch explore the Exmoor National Park.
  • Make sure to visit Watersmeet – one of Britain’s deepest river gorges – or enjoy a drink at the National Watersmeet House. There is also Glen Lyn Gorge which offers a mix of waterfalls and pools plus a waterpower exhibition.

What are you waiting for?

Hit the road in one of our Pet Friendly Campervan Hire vehicles and enjoy your home away from home. If you have any questions, make sure to contact one of our representatives today, who will be happy to help!