A road trip in a VW California camper van offers avid adventurers the freedom to experience the most scenic and beautiful locations throughout the UK.

We have now added the latest VW California 6.1 to our rental fleet – ready for you to head out and enjoy the open road. The iconic VW campervan has been around since 1949 and this latest model is still a real head turner. With its new sleek design and its vast array of features and technology, these new VW California hire campervans have been designed with comfort and usability in mind.



VW California Hire Models

When you choose our VW California hire, you have two options available. The California 6.1 Coast and the California 6.1 Ocean.

Both are based on the same California 6.1 platform and therefore share the same dimensions and similar features. Nevertheless, the high-end Ocean model is kitted out with lots of unique features including larger wheels, LED headlights, electronic pop-up roof, and more. The California 6.1 Coast, on the other hand, offers an excellent camp base suitable for any kind of adventure despite lacking the extra level of luxury that only the California Ocean trim can offer.

Having trouble deciding which VW California camper to choose? That is perfectly normal considering the huge amount of features each model has. For that reason, we have prepared a list that brings together the most important aspects as well as the main differences between the two.

We are also looking forward to adding a VW Grand California to our fleet – watch this space!

VW California Coast 6.1

VW California Coast

Let us start with the California Coast model, which is far from being a “basic” version. Initially, this model was released to replace the older VW California Beach – which offered no kitchen facilities. In this model however, you can expect to find all the features of a top-notch VW California hire vehicle.

VW California Ocean 6.1

VW California Ocean

If you love the equipment on the California Coast, you will love the standard equipment of the California Ocean. This is the top of the range flagship model, so if you are looking for the most luxurious VW California hire vehicle, then the Ocean will not disappoint. In addition to ALL the attributes included in the California Coast, the VW California Ocean comes standard with these additional features listed below too.

Interior Design

When it comes to efficient use of available space, there is no rival to the VW California 6.1. Not one millimeter has been wasted! Every section of this VW California hire vehicle has been designed with a specific function in mind, making your journey ever more enjoyable. 

The rear space serves as a seating and social area which converts into a double bedroom for two people. On top of that, its cleverly designed kitchen houses a two-burner gas stove, a 42-litre fridge, a sink with cold running water, together with countless compartment storage areas to organise your belongings. 

A large sliding door sits on the driver’s side, while the rear features an equally ample tailgate. The pop-top roof can be opened within a matter of seconds providing another double bed. We assure you that you will not find another VW California that is as versatile as this one.


Key Interior Elements

Compact Comforts

The VW California campervans are famous for comfort and luxury. And for good reason! VW has managed to incorporate many features into a relatively compact space.

Both the Ocean and the Coast are able to offer a pleasant VW California rental trip to its four occupants thanks to its comfortable seats – providing ample space for everyone inside. Moreover, at nightfall, the multi-purpose nature of the vehicle is evident when almost magically, it transforms into a convenient camp with a double bed in the cabin and an additional double bed in the pop-up roof.

In the cabin, once the seating area has been quickly transformed into a double bed, the comfort mattress quickly folds over, ready for you to get some rest! This bed also adjusts into multiple positions to ensure you are comfortable. Just pull a strap, and the rear of the bed can be lifted up – allowing you to sit up, read a book, or watch a movie! 

Those choosing to sleep in the pop-top roof can be rest assured they receive the same 5-star treatment too. With the roof lifting within a matter of seconds – electronically on the Ocean and manually on the Coast – the pull-down bed has been upgraded in this latest VW California hire 6.1 vehicle. The bed features individual pocket springs with a new and improved mattress to ensure you can relax in comfort!

The auxiliary heating system and superb air conditioning ensures that you will be able to achieve the ideal temperature inside your VW California hire vehicle. We are sure that you will be able to fully relax and unwind as if you were sleeping inside a luxury hotel. Without a doubt, the VW California hire campervan is your best option when it comes to spending quality time with your family in the outdoors.

Key Features

Convenience Features

One of the reasons why the Samco VW California hire vehicle is an industry leader is because of its amazing array of features all geared towards making your trip more enjoyable. The newly updated touchscreen Camper Control Unit located in the roof console, controls a wide variety of functions. Just to name a few of its features, it provides a host of relevant information, showing the levels in both the fresh and waste water tanks, the charge level of the two leisure batteries, and an indicator to show how level the vehicle is when camping on uneven ground.

Other convenience features worth mentioning is the Fiama awning and the fold away chairs and table that are discreetly stored in the tailgate. The California Ocean model also houses a shower attachment, which can be especially useful for those looking to wash their shoes and hands before entering the VW California hire campervan.

Key Features

On the road…

There is no doubt that our VW California hire vehicles offer luxury and comfort like no other campervan on the market, but what are they like to drive? The combination of a 2.0-litre TDI engine with a state-of-the-art 7-speed automatic gearbox makes driving both the Coast and Ocean a real pleasure. But there is more. Unlike larger campervans for hire, the smaller dimensions of our VW Californias makes driving and parking them much easier. Both models are also very stable on the road too thanks to their firm suspension. So, whether you are parked in the wilderness or cruising the open road, our VW California hire vehicles allow you relax and enjoy in comfort!

Key Features

VW California Hire Safety

VW takes road safety very seriously and it’s an important factor when you are on your adventure. With its six airbags and state-of-the-art assistance systems included, you can be rest assured that you are travelling in one of the safest campervans on the market.

Additionally, our latest VW California 6.1 safety features have been enhanced by VW’s Emergency call system (eCall). This automatically sends the campervan location to an emergency response center and establishes a voice connection in the case of an accident.

Key Safety Features

Want to know more?

Eager to book a VW California for your next adventure? These latest Ocean and Coast models really have been designed to make your journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible. If you have any questions regarding the campervans we have available, do not hesitate to speak to one of the Samco Campers team, who will be happy to help. To contact us click here.

If you are wondering what we include inside each vehicle, you can view our extensive range of included extras by clicking here. Alternatively, if you would like to see the list of hireable options we have available, you can view that by clicking here.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?