Top 5 Beauty Spots To Discover In Lancashire

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The most breath-taking campervan routes and must-see natural beauty spots for Campervan travellers!

The historic county of Lancashire has gone through many phases of growth and change over its long history. The county spurred the birth of modern industrialism in the 1830s, with 85% of all cotton manufactured worldwide being processed here at this time! In this guide, we will be discussing some of the key attractions to see.

Lancashire is surrounded by areas of immense natural beauty, with the Yorkshire Dales to the east, the Lake District to the North and the roaring Irish Sea to its west. In addition to this, you also have The Bowland Forest – an area with stunning scenery, nestled in the county’s heart. With one of our Campervans you have the flexibility to see the countless sites, all of which are easily accessible within a few hours of driving. This guide is here to help you pick some of the gems this county has to offer.

Lancaster Castle

Our first recommendation in this guide, is the cathedral city of Lancaster. Take some time to walk the streets of this bustling city, before seeing a part of England’s medieval history – Lancaster Castle

A dominating megastructure which has a deep history of crime and punishment during the medieval period. Acting as one of the nation’s largest prisons during the middle ages, the castle was feared by many for its deep dungeons! The area is steeped in nearly 1000 years of history, with the castle being a Grade 1 listed building, registered as an English Heritage site. Lancaster also has its own museum, for those interested in learning more about the fascinating history of this city.

Lancaster Canal Cruise

If a more relaxed atmosphere is what you are looking for, then why not spend a few hours on one of the many Lancaster canal cruise boats. All cruises have a variety of entertainment options, from afternoon tea to murder mystery and quiz nights. A popular choice in our guide.

The county also has many areas of significant natural beauty, with many of these spots being perfect for campervan explorers. We have listed below a few of our top picks below!

Rivington Pike

The first of these stops is the rural village of Rivington. Known colloquially as the “little Lake District”, this area of Lancashire boasts scenic hills, stunning reservoirs, and impressive woodland filled with unique deer and wildlife species. Climb to the top of Rivington Pike – a hill that rises over 1000 feet above the landscape, providing visitors with unmatched views across the region. On a clear day you can see the Lake District mountains, Blackpool Tower, and the Isle of Man! This makes it one of the most truly breath-taking stops in our guide.

Forest of Bowland

We believe that a large part of Lancashire’s natural beauty is in the Forest of Bowland. Most of this area is covered in bio-diverse moorlands, with a series of steep-sided wooded valleys, linking the upland and lowland landscapes of this immense area. The area has a variety of hills and peaks for travellers and hikers to gaze across, as well as a cluster of caves – many of which can be explored or viewed.

There is also a variety of quaint and remote villages dotted through the Bowland’s that can feel a world away from the hustle of city life. This sweeping range of remote countryside is an outstanding driving route, and many of its sites are must see destinations in our guide.

The Forest of Bowland has over 50 campervan friendly sites and parking areas. One of our favourites is the Beacon Fell View Holiday Park. Located near the 110-acre Beacon Fell National Park – known for its beauty and diverse woodlands – this holiday park is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. With a large range of amenities, it provides its visitors with access to laundry facilities, washrooms, and an on-site shop.

Furthermore, Beacon Fell Holiday Park also boasts an indoor heated pool, an adult only bar, an entertainment complex, as well as a crazy golf course! It is easy to see why Beacon Fell Holiday Park is a popular choice in our guide.

Pennine Moors

Pendle Hill is also a popular choice for any campervan traveller journeying through the area. Rising over 1800 feet above sea level, it provides hikers with sweeping views of the lowlands that surround it. With the Forest of Bowland’s ancient woodlands nestled below its summit, it contains unique biodiversity and animal life rarely seen anywhere else in the United Kingdom. The hill is only a one-hour drive from the region’s largest city – Preston – making it a key stop in our guide!

No matter what type of trip you plan, there is always time to stray off the beaten path and take in the breath-taking scenery of this rural, yet charismatic county. From the medieval city of Lancaster to the scenic Forest of Bowland, we are sure you will create some amazing memories along the way. 

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